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Penticton, Naramata, Summerland, Okanagan Falls, Kaledon, Keremeos… where should you buy real estate in the South Okanagan?! So many options!

Where Should you Buy Real Estate in the South Okanagan?

Before You Begin

The Okanagan Valley is an amazing place to live and work, but there is so much more here – we have diverse communities along the entire valley that offer our residents the chance to find a uniquely tailored place to call home. As you venture out on your dream home search, it’s important to keep in mind that each community offers a lot and that your new home location should fulfill your daily life needs! 

Luckily, each community and town in the South Okanagan is accessible to one other, making it possible to live and work wherever you please! In any case, it's important to consider your and your family's needs to help you find the best place to plant your flag. Here are some things you may want to consider!



Kelowna is unequivocally our “big city” here in the Okanagan. Kelowna continues to grow and expand, our smaller towns and communities follow behind steadily, with more opportunities opening up for real estate and business opportunities. You often find that any special facilities or amenities that are not readily available in our small towns are only a short drive away in Kelowna. 

So, what are the important things to consider in our communities? 


Check how each community compares property taxes and the cost of utilities. For our retirees, it would be helpful to find out what public services are available to you and if they adequately suit your needs. Get information from the city on what future developments are coming to give you insights into how the face of the community will change in time.



Compared to big hubs and metropolises like Vancouver, Calgary, and Toronto, transportation in the South Okanagan is a breeze. It's not uncommon to see our residents utilizing biking and hiking trails to travel to work actively. Main roads and highways are accessible if you own a vehicle, making travel in our communities more affordable than in larger cities.

We all have different needs when it comes to transportation. Whether you are a cyclist, drive your own car, or utilize public transportation services, you'll have to find out if the home you are looking to buy will work for you.



We take pride in our neighborhoods and work together to build strong and safe communities. Throughout the South Okanagan, you find people from all walks of life, and our diversity creates an opportunity for you to buy into a neighborhood that can grow with you.


Good questions to keep in mind as you visit each neighbourhood…

Is public and private property maintained? 

Are the people and families similar (retirees, young families, working professionals, etc.)? 

Is your lifestyle compatible with the neighborhood and what it offers?

How have home prices risen or fallen in the recent past? Have zoning regulations changed? What are the local bylaws?



Our communities have a rich history, and the face of the Okanagan has changed numerous times in the last 50 years – this is also true for the homes in each neighborhood! It's important to note which communities have older homes and newer homes. Some may need a little TLC and renovations; some may be turn-key and ready for you to live your life. 

What kind of home fits you and your family's lifestyle? Think about the number of bedrooms, the number of bathrooms, is the garage big enough, is there enough space for hobbies and entertainment, adequate storage for clothing, recreational equipment, gardening tools, etc.?


Important things on most people's lists include a well-equipped kitchen, a large foyer, a covered patio, beautiful landscaping, a hot tub, and a dining room for hosting – does the home you're looking at include these features?

Does the home accommodate kids, retirees, guests, or accessibility for those who have trouble moving around?

Depending on the community or living in a strata development, check to see if there are any restrictions on pets or rentals that could influence how you can live in your home.



“Our children are the future!” If that statement worries you, it could indicate that this would be a good item to make sure you check off the list. Each of our communities offers schools and education for children and young adults, and you should check out each school to see if it meets your family's needs.

Are the schools close to your home? Would it be easy for your children to get to school? Are the schools crowded? How many children are typically in each class? Does the school offer extra-curricular activities? Does the school offer special needs programs to children? Can you, as a parent, get involved with programs and activities at the school? 


Our Communities at a Glance

For a full Real Estate Market Report of the South Okanagan – Click Here!

You’ll find statistics for Penticton, Naramata, Summerland, and Okanagan Falls

  • Trends & Sales for Single-Family Homes, Townhomes, Condo/Apartments

  • Population & Demographics

  • Rental Market

  • Income & Economy

  • Crime & Safety

  • Education & Schools

  • Tourism

  • Housing & Development

Updated as of November 2021


The Bottom Line

When you work with an experienced realtor, who knows the communities inside and out, you can shop for your next home with confidence, knowing you are getting the right information to make the right decision. 

Get in touch with me today, and we can chat about all the great communities in the South Okanagan and find a few key areas to search for your next home!


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