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Okanagan Falls

Okanagan Falls is a town that is synonymous with incredible wineries and an idyllic rolling landscape sitting at the tip of Skaha Lake. 

OK Falls is a quiet haven that allows you the comforts of a country lifestyle, while Penticton, Kelowna, and Osoyoos are right at your fingertips.

This town is perfect for retirees looking to kick back, enjoy the outdoors, and relax doing the things they love!

Endless orchards and vineyards, all tucked between bluffs, hills, and mountains, leave our residents with lots to explore.

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Why Okanagan Falls?

Skaha Lake

OK Falls is right on the southern tip of Skaha Lake. Sandy beaches and an entire summer of lake action await! Sailing, boat sports, tubing, kite surfing, and fishing are great activities to enjoy on this warm lake. Skaha Lake is perfect for our families and retirees who want to enjoy the beach in a lovely quiet BC town.


Fruit Stands

Yet, this is another spot in the Okanagan Valley with an incredible selection of fresh fruit and vegetables for you to stockpile. Stock up at the Matheson Creek Farm for some of the crispest, most delicious fruit you'll ever have.

Best Wineries

It’s no surprise that the OK Falls has a few award-winning wineries up its sleeves. With an ever-growing wine reputation, the OK Falls region is home to some of the most amazing wines you just have to try.

A visit to Blasted Church, Liquidity, Noble Ridge, or See Ya Later Ranch are just a few of the examples of the quality this small town can boast.

Proximity to Keremeos

Keremeos is located just west of OK Falls. These towns are worth the road trip if you’re looking for some of the freshest fruits and vegetables BC has to offer. Don’t forget to visit the wineries, cideries, distillers! And taste the difference yourself.

Proximity to Oliver & Osoyoos

Oliver is about 30 minutes south of OK Falls, and Osoyoos is about another 30 minutes past that. Oliver boasts some incredible wineries with rich, deep red wines that get their bold flavors from the hot climate found here. 

Osoyoos is right on the edge of the border with the US and has a lake that rivals even our own Okanagan Lake (don’t shoot the messenger!) Take a trip down south and check out all the fun to be had.

Apex Mountain

Big White is a big name for skiers and boarders who hit the slopes each year. But in the South Okanagan, Apex Mountain is just a short drive away.  Enjoy endless skiing, snowboarding, snowshoeing, skating, or anything in the snow!

Skaha Bluffs - Rock Climbing

Many things make OK Falls special; one of our residents' favorites is rock climbing. The Skaha Bluffs attracts daredevils from across the province who want to test their mettle and race to the top.


Being at the center of the South Okanagan isn’t so bad when that means any number of choices of golf courses to choose from. Between Osoyoos and Kelowna, dozens of courses are at your disposal, making sure you won’t lose your edge when your friends come to visit.

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Other Neighbourhoods


Need Help Finding the Perfect Home?


OK Falls is right on the fringe of Canada's hottest real estate areas. If you're moving to the Okanagan or already live there, you will want to make sure you choose a realtor that knows the area well and can help guide you through your real estate purchase.


Let's talk about where you should live in OK Falls!

Learn More about the South Okanagan


If you’re from out of town, call me to discover the best activities and restaurants in the area. Learn about the history of wineries, find the best beach spots, or explore some of the best hiking trails. Get advice on planning your trips, accommodations, and things to do when visiting us.

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