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Okanagan Falls

Experience the best of both worlds at Okanagan Falls, a town renowned for its stunning wineries and picturesque rolling hills that surround the Skaha Lake. Located within easy reach of Penticton, Kelowna, and Osoyoos, this peaceful community offers the perfect country lifestyle with urban conveniences just a short drive away.

Okanagan Falls is an excellent choice for retirees seeking tranquility and relaxation in the great outdoors. The town boasts endless vineyards and orchards that are nestled between the bluffs, hills, and mountains, providing ample opportunities for exploration and adventure.

Whether you're a wine connoisseur or an outdoor enthusiast, Okanagan Falls has something for everyone. Enjoy the best of country living and take advantage of the town's incredible natural beauty and laid-back lifestyle. Come and experience Okanagan Falls today!

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Why Okanagan Falls?

Skaha Lake

Located at the southern tip of Skaha Lake, Okanagan Falls is a perfect spot for those who love water activities. Skaha Lake is known for its sandy beaches and offers an entire summer of lake fun for residents and visitors. From sailing, boat sports, tubing, kite surfing to fishing, the lake is perfect for families and retirees who want to enjoy the beach in a peaceful BC town.

Besides water activities, Okanagan Falls also offers endless opportunities to explore the area's orchards and vineyards nestled between bluffs, hills, and mountains. Additionally, the town provides easy access to nearby cities such as Penticton, Kelowna, and Osoyoos, making it an ideal location for those who seek the comforts of a country lifestyle with the convenience of big-city amenities.

Retirees looking for a quiet haven to enjoy the outdoors and relax doing the things they love will find Okanagan Falls to be the perfect town. Come experience the tranquility and natural beauty of Okanagan Falls and Skaha Lake.

Fruit Stands

Looking for fresh, delicious produce in the Okanagan Valley? Look no further than the fruit stands of OK Falls! Matheson Creek Farm is a must-visit for those who crave the freshest and tastiest fruit and vegetables. Stock up on juicy peaches, crisp apples, and plump tomatoes to take home and enjoy.

Not only is the produce top-notch, but the experience of visiting a local fruit stand is a quintessential Okanagan Valley activity. Take a stroll through the orchard, chat with the friendly staff, and enjoy the beautiful scenery.

At Matheson Creek Farm, you can rest assured that you are getting the best quality produce straight from the farm. Whether you're a local or a visitor to the area, a stop at this fruit stand is a must-do activity.

Best Wineries

OK Falls is quickly becoming one of the top wine destinations in the Okanagan Valley. Boasting award-winning wineries, the region offers some of the most amazing wines you simply must try. Blasted Church, Liquidity, Noble Ridge, and See Ya Later Ranch are just a few examples of the quality this small town can boast.

Take a tour and explore the picturesque vineyards while learning about the wine-making process from some of the best in the business. Sip on some of the most incredible wines while enjoying the breathtaking views of the surrounding landscape.

Experience the unique tastes and aromas of the region's world-class wines and discover why the OK Falls region has become synonymous with incredible wineries. So, whether you're a wine connoisseur or just looking to explore something new, OK Falls is the perfect destination for you!

Proximity to Keremeos

OK Falls is conveniently located near the charming town of Keremeos, just a short drive away. Known for its abundance of fresh fruits and vegetables, Keremeos is a must-visit for anyone seeking a taste of the best that BC has to offer. Don't miss the chance to sample delicious wines, ciders, and spirits from the region's top wineries, cideries, and distilleries.

Take the time to explore Keremeos' farmer's markets, where you'll find a variety of locally grown produce, from juicy peaches and crisp apples to ripe tomatoes and sweet corn. Whether you're a foodie or simply enjoy the taste of fresh, locally sourced ingredients, you won't be disappointed.

And while you're in the area, be sure to stop by some of the top wineries, including Blasted Church, Liquidity, Noble Ridge, and See Ya Later Ranch, for a taste of the finest wines the region has to offer.

Proximity to Oliver & Osoyoos

The OK Falls area offers easy access to some of the top destinations in the Okanagan Valley, including Oliver and Osoyoos. Oliver, just 30 minutes south, is renowned for its bold red wines, which are grown in the hot climate of the region. Wine lovers won't want to miss the chance to explore the area's many award-winning wineries.

Just a bit farther down the road, you'll find Osoyoos, which sits on the US border and boasts a stunning lake that rivals even the famous Okanagan Lake. Whether you're looking for water sports, hiking, or just a relaxing day on the beach, Osoyoos has something for everyone.

Don't forget to also check out the incredible fresh fruits and vegetables available in nearby Keremeos. With a variety of wineries, cideries, and distillers in the area, there's always something new to discover on a road trip through the Okanagan Valley.

Apex Mountain

If you're looking for an unforgettable winter getaway, make sure to visit Apex Mountain. Nestled in the South Okanagan, Apex Mountain is the perfect destination for skiers and snowboarders of all levels. The resort offers endless opportunities for winter fun, including skiing, snowboarding, snowshoeing, skating, and more!

Apex Mountain is just a short drive away from the town of Penticton, making it a convenient and accessible winter playground. With a vertical drop of over 2,000 feet, Apex Mountain offers skiers and snowboarders challenging terrain to test their skills. But don't worry if you're a beginner, the resort has plenty of easy runs and learning areas.

Apex Mountain also offers a variety of accommodation options, from cozy cabins to luxurious lodges. And when you're not on the slopes, be sure to check out the dining and après-ski options available at the resort.

Experience the beauty and excitement of winter at Apex Mountain in the South Okanagan.

Skaha Bluffs - Rock Climbing

Located in OK Falls, Skaha Bluffs is a popular destination for rock climbers. Adventure-seekers from all over the province come here to test their skills and scale the heights of these impressive bluffs. With its rugged terrain and stunning views, Skaha Bluffs is a must-visit spot for climbers of all levels.

This natural wonder offers some of the best climbing opportunities in the Okanagan Valley, with routes suitable for everyone from beginners to seasoned veterans. Whether you're a seasoned climber looking for a challenge or a novice just starting out, Skaha Bluffs has something for you.

With its picturesque setting and abundance of climbing options, Skaha Bluffs is an unforgettable destination for anyone who loves the great outdoors. So why not come and experience it for yourself? Visit OK Falls today and discover the thrill of rock climbing at Skaha Bluffs!


OK Falls is a golfer's paradise, with a plethora of courses to choose from in the surrounding area. From Osoyoos to Kelowna, there are dozens of championship courses available to ensure you never lose your edge when friends come to visit.

The beautiful landscape of the South Okanagan is a perfect backdrop for a round of golf. Enjoy long, warm summers, award-winning courses, and stunning scenery. Summerland Golf & Country Club and Sumac Ridge Golf & Country Club are both within arms reach of OK Falls and provide players with excellent facilities and professional advice.

Whether you're a casual player or a seasoned golfer, there is something for everyone. Take in the views, enjoy the sunshine, and play a round of golf in the beautiful Okanagan Valley.

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