Buying your
South Okanagan Home

If you are thinking of Buying in the Okanagan, let me outline the steps in your home-buying journey, and get you up to speed on resources that will help you tremendously!

7 Steps to Buying your South Okanagan Home

1. Schedule a Call

It all starts with a phone call – schedule a call with me, and we can talk about your home buying goals and your family's needs. 

2. Let’s Talk about What You’re Looking For

After discussing your needs, wants, and Okanagan desires, I'll recommend a few neighborhoods to zero in on and provide information about each.

3. Explore the South Okanagan

It's important to spend some time touring and exploring each neighborhood you are interested in – I'm a big fan of getting your boots on the ground and checking out the communities for yourself. Whether you are relocating, or simply exploring your options in the valley, touring each area is a great opportunity to learn more about you and how I can ultimately serve you on your home buying journey.

4. Viewing Homes

Based on your home needs, I’ll personally review your criteria and begin selecting the most suitable homes. We will schedule a time to view the homes right away.

5. Make an Offer

Searching for a new home is fun, but after we have searched the valley high and low, making an offer is even more exciting! I will carefully prepare and review the offer and all necessary documents, ensuring you understand each term and condition in the contract. We will then negotiate until our offer is accepted with the appropriate price and subjects that you are comfortable with.

6. Due Diligence

Congratulations on your accepted offer! We're not out of the woods yet. We will send all the necessary documentation to your mortgage broker, schedule a home inspection, refer to your lawyer for advice concerning your real estate transaction, and carefully review the title on file and all disclosures. Once you are satisfied, your mortgage is approved, and the home inspection has passed, we can remove subjects and finalize your deposit.

7. Closing the Sale

Once the deposit has been delivered, your sale is now firm. Waiting is the hardest part, but once our completion and possession day have occurred, you can finally move into your new home in the South Okanagan! Congratulations!!

Not sure where to start your Home Search?
Let Me Find You an Okanagan Home

South Okanagan

Home Buyer's Guide

buyers guide book cover png.png

Buying a home can be a stressful process - if you're thinking of buying a home in the South Okanagan I highly recommend downloading my Home Buyer's Guide. There are sure to be a couple helpful tips and tricks that will get you in a new home! 

  • Buying a Dream Home in the South Okanagan

  • Exploring the Perks of Home Ownership

  • Creating a Home Budget

  • Get Pre-Qualified for a Mortgage

  • Questions to ask your Home Buying Team

  • Steps for a Stronger Offer

  • Closing on your New Home!

South Okanagan Neighbourhoods

Industry Professionals You Will Need


It takes a team of well-respected and knowledgeable industry professionals to make sure your home purchase is completed without any obstacles. Below are some of the industry pros you will need on your team and my recommended list to help you!

Mortgage Brokers

More often than not, you will require financing to complete the purchase of a home. Whether you are a first-time homebuyer or in the market for your next investment property, having the appropriate financing will ensure a smooth real estate transaction.

Mortgage Brokers are important as they will give you information on what mortgage terms you are pre-approved for and provide you with several options that work for your finances.


We only use the most specialized inspectors in our business – these individuals have a proven track record. They can be crucial in determining if there are any non-obvious issues with the home you are about to purchase. 

We never want our homebuyers to go into a transaction without knowing everything we can about the home. Issues concerning home integrity (asbestos, plumbing, electrical, septic, foundation, etc.) and pests and rodents are a few of the reasons you want a competent home inspector on your team.

Lawyers & Notaries

We always keep your best interests in mind when we find you a home. Having a lawyer with expert local knowledge is important when talking about the numerous tiny details (or potentially major details) that could cause you issues in your real estate transaction. Work with the best in the business, which you can trust to handle your legal needs.

If there is one thing I have learned in recent years, building a team can be a make or break in each deal, and having carefully selected pros on your team helps make clients feel secure and confident in their home-buying journey.

Let's Tour the Okanagan!


We can talk about the Okanagan all day (and I encourage you to ask me as many questions as possible!), but one of the best ways I can help you make your best relocating decision is to get our boots on the ground and go exploring. A personal Okanagan Tour will give you a sense of what each area offers.

What to Expect on Your Tour

  • The types of homes you can find in each neighbourhood

  • Best things to see and do in each neighbourhood – where all the hot spots are

  • Overview of the real estate market and trends in each neighbourhood

  • Visit schools in each district and review options for higher-education

  • Any other questions or things you would like to see and do during your time here!

This Includes

  • Airport pickup and drop-off

  • Breakfast & Coffee preamble

  • Lunch at one of our many amazing restaurants

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Relocating to the Okanagan?

I’m ready to help! Ask me anything! I can answer your questions about everything! From weather, cost of living, schools, crime and safety, best restaurants and eateries, best wineries, golf, hiking, biking – to questions about neighbourhoods, information concerning utilities, garbage/recycling, airports, transit, vehicle registration, healthcare – we can talk about everything Okanagan.


Need Help Finding the Perfect Home?


Penticton is a great place to live and play. If you’re moving to Penticton, or already live there, you will want to make sure you choose a realtor that knows the area well and can help guide you through your real estate purchase.

Let’s talk about where you should live in Penticton!

Learn More about the South Okanagan


If you’re from out of town, call me to discover the best activities and restaurants in the area. Learn about the history of wineries, find the best beach spots, or explore some of the best hiking trails. Get advice on planning your trips, accommodations, and things to do when visiting us.

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